From the Commissioners

Another decade came to a close in 2019. Virtually every day, Clermont County laid the foundation for a successful future decade.
We’re excited for the potential of Clermont County – a great place to live, work and raise a family. In this 2019 Annual Report, we share the building blocks for the future of our dynamic county. You can learn more in the Building a Foundation videos.
A huge thanks to the residents of Clermont County. We’re proud to represent you as we move ahead into a bright future. Bring on the 2020s!
2019 was a banner year for Clermont County! Proactive planning and careful fiscal management during the successful year will carry us forward as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re “In This Together Clermont County.”


Lots of momentum heading into the next decade. Our county economy continued to grow in 2019. Jobs grew, as more new businesses came to the county and existing businesses expanded. More people bought more new homes, and builders showed no signs of letting up. And infrastructure improvements continued to be made, especially along the crucial State Route 32 corridor.


Learn about the positive energy that will carry Clermont County forward in the next decade!